Brandon Hay of the Black Daddies Club to speak at ‘What Makes a Man’ White Ribbon Conference



Brandon Hay returns to Ryerson University to speak on ‘What makes a man a good father?’ with White Ribbon Campaign’s Todd Minerson at the ‘What Makes a Man’ White Ribbon Conference on Saturday February 12th.

The Black Daddies Club (BDC) was founded in 2007 by Brandon Hay in response to the lack of forums and spaces for Black men to discuss parenting issues as well as the issues facing the Black Community as a whole. The main goal is to change the image of the black father in the media, from a neglectful figure to a responsible, involved and loving role model.

Read about Brandon, an inspiring brother motivated to make a change.


“At the age of 24, I discovered I was about to become a dad for the first time. Being raised by a single mother and without the presence of a consistent father figure, I was filled with anxiety and fear about my own ability to be a great father. I was inspired by many “t.v. dads” such as Bill Cosby’s Heathcliff Huxtable. I knew that I wanted to be a father like this but wasn’t quite sure how.

Knowing of other men in my situation, a forum whereby we could share ideas, struggles and victories seemed like it could be very helpful. Using the opportunity to learn from older and more experienced fathers was something I thought to be valid. Creating this space for open and honest discussion became extremely relevant at the time. I thought if not now, when? BDC will help us men become better fathers, which will ultimately help our children become better role models and leaders in our society.”


Join us at ‘What Makes a Man’ the White Ribbon Conference on Saturday February 12th to hear Brandon and many other speakers speak at a discussion-focused conference looking at the spectrum of identities, experiences and realities that determine ‘What Makes a Man’.
10:30am – 3:30pm SCC 115, Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould St, Ryerson University

$5 for Ryerson members. $10 for friends of Ryerson (or pay what you can)
Lunch provided by Salad King.

Keynote event ‘Behind the Masc’ with Carlos Andrés Gómez and Reilly Dow (graphic recorder) @ 4:30pm
Admission $10* (or pay what you can – free for Conference Delegates)

*All proceeds go to the White Ribbon Campaign*
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