White Ribbon’s Tuval Dinner and speakers from the ‘It Starts With You, It Stays With Him’ Digital Story Project to speak at the ‘What Makes a Man’ conference!


It starts with you. It stays with him.

The campaign

Men’s behaviours and attitudes can have a long term impact on the boys in their lives.

That’s why the It starts with you. It stays with him. campaign was created – to encourage men to talk to the boys in their lives about the importance of healthy and equal relationships with women. The campaign helps men:

positively influence their younger sons, grandsons, brothers, nephews, students, and community members;

engage young people in meaningful dialogue about gender equality; and,

connect with other men to find out what works when talking with the boys in their lives.


The Digital Story Project.

As part of It Starts With You. It Stays With Him we partnered with the Centre for Digital Storytelling to give 9 guys the opportunity to tell their own stories of becoming men.

In over 35 hours of workshop sessions 9 men came together to create digital stories that explore the roots of their own masculinity and manhood. The end product is a collection of 9 diverse, powerful, meaningful, and challenging stories that deliver insight into the forces that shape men’s lives.

Come to hear Tuval and folks from the Digital Story Project share during the keynote eventBehind the Masc’ with Carlos Andrés Gómez Several of the men will be in attendance to talk about the process of creating their digital story and importance of this exploration in the context of mentoring and role modeling for younger men and boys.




Join us at ‘What Makes a Man’ the White Ribbon Conference on Saturday February 12th to hear Baldev speak at a discussion-focused conference looking at the spectrum of identities, experiences and realities that determine ‘What Makes a Man’.

10:30am – 3:30pm SCC 115, Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould St, Ryerson University

$5 for Ryerson members. $10 for friends of Ryerson (or pay what you can)
Lunch provided by Salad King.

Keynote event ‘Behind the Masc’ with Carlos Andrés Gómez and Reilly Dow (graphic recorder) @ 4:30pm
Admission $10* (or pay what you can – free for Conference Delegates)

*All proceeds go to the White Ribbon Campaign*
Visit www.whatmakesman.wordpress.com for more details

Limited Seating – Register Today – whiteribbon@ryerson.ca