Buddhika Bellana: UHHU Poetry Slam winner opens for Carlos Andrés Gómez at ‘Behind The Masc’

  Buddhika Bellana was the winner of the Poetry Slam contest at part 2 of the Urban Hip Hop Union‘s ‘ Love, Hip Hop & the Spoken Word feat. SHIHAN’. and will open… Continue reading

White Ribbon’s Tuval Dinner and speakers from the ‘It Starts With You, It Stays With Him’ Digital Story Project to speak at the ‘What Makes a Man’ conference!

  It starts with you. It stays with him. The campaign Men’s behaviours and attitudes can have a long term impact on the boys in their lives. That’s why the It starts with… Continue reading

Baldev Mutta will speak on ‘What makes a man hit a woman’ at the White Ribbon Conference

  Baldev Mutta has over 30 years experience in the field of social work. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Punjabi Community Health Services (PCHS) in Peel. His focus has been… Continue reading

Behind the Masc with Carlos Andrés Gómez: The MUST SEE keynote event for the ‘What Makes a Man’ White Ribbon Conference

“Every person makes a difference – what difference are you making?” – Carlos Andrés Gómez It was at the end of September 2009 when Jeff Perera first brought Carlos Andrés Gómez to Ryerson… Continue reading


CONTACT Please contact us with any questions at whiteribbon@ryerson.ca twitter.com/ryewhiteribbon Facebook: Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign http://www.ryersonwhiteribboncampaign.wordpress.com     DIRECTIONS The ‘What Makes a Man’ White Ribbon Conference will be held at: SCC 115… Continue reading

Carlos Andrés Gómez releases his latest live album ‘Vitruvius’, see him facilitate and perform at the ‘What Makes a Man’ White Ribbon Conference

  From ‘Vitruvius’ by Carlos Andrés Gómez I’ll be anybody as long as it’s not nobody I’ll be anybody as long as it’s not nobody What is the measure of a man? I… Continue reading

Humberto Carolo discusses ‘What makes a man speak out about violence against women’ at the White Ribbon Conference at Ryerson.

    Humberto Carolo is the Director of Programs at the White Ribbon Campaign. He works collaboratively with local and international partner organizations to develop educational strategies to engage men and boys in… Continue reading

Todd Minerson of the White Ribbon Campaign speaks on being a father and role model at ‘What Makes a Man’.

    Todd Minerson is the Executive Director of the White Ribbon Campaign, the world’s largest effort of men and boys to end men’s violence against women.  Initiated in Canada in 1991, the… Continue reading

Ronak Ghorbani speaks on ‘How does media determine what makes a man’ at the White Ribbon Conference!

  A Feminist, grad student, writer and music lover, we are excited to have Ronak Ghorbani join us for the ‘What Makes a Man’ White Ribbon Conference at Ryerson University. Since her first… Continue reading

Rodney Diverlus to speak on “What makes a man want to dance?” at the White Ribbon Conference at Ryerson.

  It seems fitting that as a male dancer, Rodney Diverlus is passionate about challenging prescribed gender roles, and defying societal rules of manhood. Rodney is an accomplished dancer and actor and is… Continue reading